About Quatalia

Experto Crede!

It stands for Trust Experience.
Quatalia Science is an Italian privately held company established in 2011, with headquarters located in Belgrade, Serbia. We are diversified Company devoted to bring trusted and state of the art products and services to those who are managing Health, from hospitals, clinics, institutions and foundations.
Our Portfolio ranges from API.s, Finished products, Medical Devices to Regulatory support.
The company’s core business across the Balkan region, Northwest Afrika and Middle East countries is the registration, marketing and sales of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
Quatalia Science helps international healthcare companies to establish presence in the region and tap into new growing markets for their products.
The company accesses an efficient distributor network and maintains longstanding business relationships with local authorities, pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies.
Our experience has heritage of over 55 years of active research and development in the health care, constantly at the forefront of technology and medical practice, with numerous International patents and scientific partnerships.

At Quatalia Science we are very proud in the professional and ethical standing of our employees. Our thought goes always first to the needs of our Patients and to those who provide health care.
This drives our work every day.
This is what keeps us looking ahead.
Our Products, our Services, our People.

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